Monocular or Binoculars, Which is Better?

There has been a debate between monocular and binocular on which set of lenses are better.

Monocular is a telescope with a single eye lens used to magnify objects at a distance. At the same time, binocular is a telescope with two eye lens used to also magnify objects at a distance.

There are many differences between monocular and binocular, not just in terms of the number of lenses they have. Binocular can be able to view object farther in distance than monocular, and the image given is three-dimensional (3D). On the other hand, monocular is more handy and portable.

Monoculars or BinocularsMonocular versus Binocular

In this article, we shall compare monocular and binocular in terms of their functionality and usage in different areas. Let’s get started, shall we?


Hunting is an occupation or a sport which requires focus and precision. A good view of your target gives you an added advantage to weigh your options to strike. The animal you are hunting popularly called “game” is most likely to be on the defensive and want to run, so you should view the game well from a distance to avoid futile effort.

In terms of hunting, going with a monocular may seem portable and less expensive but does not cover a wide range of distance as compared to binocular. Binocular gives you a detailed peripheral view of the area and your target. It also helps you check for impending dangers, too. The vision of monocular is minimal.

But, if you wish to go hunting at night, monocular would be most ideal because of the single focus and better night vision ability. This helps you to lock targets better at night and helps you see predator animals quicker before they attack.

Winner – Monocular is better because of its handiness and night vision.


This is an activity whereby you watch birds in their natural habitat. It also requires a very sharp focus, especially if it’s for research purpose. Birds in their natural habitat fly about a lot and without any notice, meaning that they cover a large view. So, in order to capture each moment of the birds’ activity, it is best to use a binocular.

Binocular helps you to lock in moving targets better than monocular. This is because of the three-dimensional optics and display they give you. Also, binocular cover a longer distance range. This feature of binocular is important because you can easily have a good view of the birds at a distance, so you don’t scare them off.

Also, you can use binoculars for a long period and not feel any iota of strain in the eyes. Monocular can also be useful in terms of its portability and close focus range.

Winner – Binocular is a clear winner in this category.


There isn’t a better place to need a better view of the area than in the wild. Wildlife has become a significant tourist attraction and hobby for people. And one crucial gadget required is a monocular or a binocular.

A safari is open with little trees and is filled with several wild animals in their natural habitat. These animals are often vicious in their attack, so getting a good view of them before they come at you is your best chance for survival. Monocular is used in a safari because it gives you a focused close-up view of the area.

Also, monocular is easy to use and does not draw attention to you like binoculars. Binoculars are good simply because of their ability to view moving animals better, and they cover a larger area in viewing. But then, monocular makeup for this deficiency in terms of cost.

Winner – Monocular is a better pick.


One of the most beautiful sights ever one must-see is the heavenly bodies. This cannot be achieved by mere looking up the sky and with your naked eyes. Monocular and binocular are like enhancers for you to achieve this task. But one out of the two clearly stands out in terms of giving you better viewing experience.

Astronomy binoculars are more powerful and more efficient in studying the universe than any monocular. It is no secret that binoculars give you a view of objects or the heavenly bodies in a 3D image which is better when compared to monocular. Their optics and larger lenses allow more light to pass through it, thus giving you a better view of the universe.

Astronomers also prefer binoculars because of their broader field of vision. This helps to spot out heavenly bodies faster, even those that are moving fast like a shooting star.Also, you can view the universe for a long period without worrying about eye strains.

Winner – Binoculars does it for me.

Night Vision

Night vision is a very important aspect of so many professions. It is needed in hunting, security and military services, and even in mining too. The naked eye alone cannot see a lot of things in the dark or adverse weather conditions, so, people turn to monocular and binocular for help.

One important feature of monocular is its night vision. It is clear and gives you a well-detailed close-up view. Monocular, because of its zoom power and range finder ability, helps you to lock down targets better when you are stalking prey or monitoring an enemy.

Binocular night vision, on the other hand, helps you to cover grounds faster without getting you any closer to the impending danger. Binoculars would be best used in military services because the enemy is in constant movement, and it helps you to stalk better.

Winner – Draw. The activity chooses the ideal gadget.

Bottom Line

It is challenging to choose which is better between monocular and binocular. In terms of cost and portability, monocular is an ideal choice. But binocular is proven to be high powered and somewhat more efficient than monocular.

Having a preference can also be determined by the activity or occasion, and also the environment. I believe that each one of them has its unique functionality that would make it useful and more preferred.

Monocular and binocular can draw up suspicion if they are used in public, and the intention might be questioned.

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