7 Best Safari Binoculars

Safari binoculars are an essential part of any safari trip. They enhance your animal viewing for a more enjoyable trip. The best safari binoculars will have features that are both convenient and ideal for the location you will be in.

You should also take into consideration what kind of animal or animals you are using them for and what type of terrain and weather you may encounter. With that being said, here are the 7 best safari binoculars of 2020.

7 Best Binoculars for Safari – in Depth Reviews

1. Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars

These are the best safari binoculars you will get within this price range. They offer great magnification, rugged construction, comfort, and beautiful images. They are a bit heavy, but if you can get over that, these may be the best fit for your safari adventure.


The Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars have an outstanding image quality. These allow you to see farther than other binoculars in this price range. This is because of the Porro prism. Most binoculars have the roof prism, but the Porro prisms offer better image quality, and they’re far cheaper. With these, you will get a spectacular field of view. You will be able to see 300-feet at 1000 yards. This allows you to see fast-moving animals with ease.

These binoculars have a 9mm eye relief. This is much smaller than other binoculars. However, it is still acceptable for glasses wearers. The focus knob on this is easy to navigate, allowing you to zoom in and out smoothly. You can also magnify your view up to 10x with a 50mm objective lens. This will allow you to see that lion out by the horizon or a small bird in a high tree. You can also zoom in as little as 25-feet for close-up animal viewing.

Unfortunately, these are a tad on the heavy side, weighing 27-ounces. They may be difficult to use for extended periods. You can use the included neck strap to give your hands a break, but it may also be too heavy for your neck because of the added weight due to its durable design and the scratch-resistant finish. The scratch-resistant feature is ideal for any rugged terrain your safari takes you on. The rubber armor also adds a more comfortable grip in both wet and dry weather.

These binoculars come with a carrying case, lens covers, lens cleaning cloth, and the neck strap. These are full-size binoculars, so they are best suited for adults only. There is no mention of a warranty, so that may be another downfall to these binoculars. If something happens to the product on your safari, they may not be covered.


  • Large field of view
  • Crystal clear images
  • 300-foot field of view
  • Good quality
  • Heavy-duty construction is great for rugged terrain


  • Cannot be used with a tripod
  • Large size is inconvenient
  • Poor eye relief

2. Celestron 71336 Nature DX 12×56 Binocular

These binoculars are ideal for somebody looking for a mid-size item with durability. They are a tad expensive, but with all the features it packs, it would definitely be worth it for your next safari adventure.


If you’re looking for a rugged pair of binoculars that aren’t too big or too small, then the Celestron Nature DX may be the best binoculars for a safari. These are a mid-size binocular great for any safari or even hunting. They are constructed with BaK-4 prisms and have completely fully-coated optics. This will give you a more spectacular image detail, and you’ll have more light transmission and vibrant images, even in low light environments.

You won’t find this level of detail in an entry-level binocular. When you aren’t using them out in the wild, you can use them to enjoy spectacular views while you’re hiking, fishing, or hunting. With the 12×56 Celestron Nature DX Binoculars, you will also receive an ideal balance of performance and ease-of-use. You can magnify your view by 12x through the 56mm objective lenses. You can also zoom in as far as 9.8-feet to see insects and plants up close. You can also zoom out as far as 289-feet @ 1000-yards.

These binoculars are both waterproof and fog-proof, and this is due to the nitrogen purging. They are constructed of durable rubber armor and polycarbonate housing to protect the binoculars from all kinds of damage. These are a little overweight, however. They weigh upwards of 36.2-ounces. This may be too heavy for some to use for extended periods. If you plan to use them heavily, they are tripod adaptable.

Lastly, another wonderful feature of these binoculars is the generous 16mm eye relief. This is perfect for both those who wear glass and don’t. The eye relief can be easily adjusted to ensure proper positioning for optimal viewing. You can twist the eyecups with easy-to-use knobs. They are easy to use for long excursions and are compact enough to fit in a large pocket or a glove box. When you aren’t using them, simply keep them safe in the included carrying case.

With the purchase of these binoculars, you will get the carrying case, eyepiece rainguard, strap, lens cloth, objective lens cap, and an instruction booklet. Additionally, you will receive a Limited Lifetime warranty and unlimited technical support.


  • Limited Lifetime warranty & customer support
  • Good eye relief
  • BaK-4 prisms allow beautiful color and image quality
  • Waterproof & fog-proof
  • Twist-up eyecups with multi-stop function
  • Durable


  • Too heavy for the neck strap
  • Poor alignment

3. Eyeskey 10×42 Professional Waterproof Binoculars

These would be the ideal binoculars for somebody who wants a rugged and waterproof item. They are perfect for all safari terrain and are decently priced. They are a tad heavy, but there is a tripod hole for the attachment so they can be used for extended periods.


The Eyeskey 10×42 Professional Waterproof Binoculars are the best travel binoculars you can find within this price range. They have fully multi-coated optics with BaK-4 prisms. This will allow you to see your images with stunning, clear quality. The eco-glass lenses are coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings. This will allow optimal light transmission so you can see your target with a crystal clear view.

With the 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens diameter, you have a 204-foot @ 1000-yard field of view. You can zoom in as little as 6.6-feet to view plants, insects, and other small animals. You can do this with the easy-to-use focus knob. There is also a generous 15mm eye relief for those who wear glasses. This will make your experience much more comfortable and enjoyable. You can adjust these with the turn-and-slide rubber eyecups and are built to accommodate almost any face shape and eyeglasses.

One of the nicest features of these hunting binoculars is that they are 100% waterproof and fog-proof. They are filled with nitrogen and sealed off with an O-ring to ensure they are always free of water and moisture. This is perfect for those safaris that move through different temperatures and environmental conditions. This is especially true if it’s first thing in the morning or while it’s raining.

These are also built to handle rugged terrain. The durable rubber-armored body can withstand even the most extreme use. They have a non-slip grip and can be used even in the wettest environments. Since they are so durable and have a durable rubber coating, you should expect them to be a little heavier than other binoculars. They weigh around 1.48-pounds, so they may not be good for extended use. They do come with the neck strap if you need to use it, as well as a carrying case.


  • 100% waterproof & fog-proof
  • Durable for rugged terrain
  • Non-slip grip for use in all weather conditions
  • Easy-to-use focus knob
  • Generous 15mm eye relief
  • Comfortable rubber eyecups
  • Tripod hole for tripod mount


  • A little heavy
  • Focus is weak

4. BRIGENIUS 10×50 Powerful Binoculars

Overall, these would be sufficient enough to perform in dry environmental conditions as they are not waterproof and not overly water-resistant. These would be perfect for wildlife viewing in all kinds of terrain, however.


The BRIGENIUS 10×50 Powerful Binoculars are the best binoculars for wildlife viewing in this price range. They offer a 10x magnification and 50mm objective lens diameter, which is perfect for getting the best view you can of the wildlife around you. The magnification lets you see 367-feet @ 1000-yards with an angle vision of 6.2 degrees. You will also be able to see your image clearly without image shaking and while preserving your field of vision. The central-right adjustment will let you easily calibrate for a clear view.

These are constructed with multi-layer coated aspherical lens elements for optimal light reflection. You will see very minimal distortion, and the images will be brighter. There will also be a better contrast and overall picture quality of what you are viewing. Additionally, the coating reduces chromatic aberration for sharper images.

The diopter system lets you adjust the imbalance vision in both of your eyes. You can easily adjust them, so the focus is right where you need it to be. Both eyepieces calibrate separately with the central-right adjustment for quick and easy focusing.

These are extremely durable and solid enough for rugged outdoor activities such as safari or hunting. You can use them for hiking, camping, bird watching, and so much more; also, they are coated with a rubber material for shock resistance and comfort. They are not waterproof, though. They are waterproof at best, so take caution when using them in a wet atmosphere. These are also rather heavy. They weigh 1.76-pounds, but there is a tripod interface for extended periods of use.

Lastly, the BRIGENIUS 10 x 50 Powerful Binoculars come with a generous worry-free 18-month warranty and 24/7 customer support. You can easily contact their customer service center if there are any issues with your binoculars. Along with the purchase of these binoculars, you will get a carrying case, neck strap, and a lens cleaning cloth.


  • 18-month warranty
  • Durable and shock-resistant
  • Multi-layer coated aspherical lens elements
  • 50mm objective lens and 10x magnification for clearer viewing
  • Large field of view
  • Comfortable grip
  • Tripod interface


5. Athlon Optics Midas Roof Prism UHD Binoculars

If you aren’t concerned about price, then these are a great pair of safari and wildlife binoculars. They have an overall great optic quality and generous eye relief, so there are no disturbances in the field of view. They may be a little heavy, but a tripod can help with relief.


The Athlon Optics Midas Roof Prism UHD Binoculars are an excellent option for your next safari. They are higher in the price bracket, but their overall performance and features make them worth it. They weigh around 1.8-pounds, making them a little on the heavier side. They do have a tripod mount, so if they become too heavy to carry, you can attach them to the tripod for steady viewing. They do come with a carrying case, neck strap, cleaning cloth, and lens caps for storage and convenience.

As far as optics go, these binoculars offer stunning image quality thanks to the ESP dielectric coating. This is a prism coating that will reflect over 99% of the light that goes to your eyes to will allow you to see your targets bright and clear with unbelievably image reproduction. The advanced FMC coated lenses work in tandem with ESP coating to bring superior brightness and true color representation across the whole light spectrum. Lastly, you will see images with no chromatic fringe thanks to the ED glass. This allows you to see everything sharper and clearer.

The 8×42 magnification allows you to view wildlife up close without actually getting close to them. There is an 8.1-degree angular field of view and a 426-foot @ 1000-yards field of view as well as a generous 17.1mm eye relief. This is perfect for those who wear glasses because it still allows a view of the entire field of view without compromising anything. These also have a 6.5-foot close focus.

These binoculars have an XPL coating on the outside of the lenses to protect them from oil, dirt, and scratches. Additionally, they are waterproof and fog-proof for protection in even the harshest conditions. This is due to the argon purging, which also allows for thermal stability. This is a great feature for viewing wildlife in all different environments and temperatures.

If you buy these, you are also getting a generous lifetime warranty. You can have peace of mind knowing your product is covered from anything life throws at it while on your safari and wildlife adventures.


  • Waterproof & fog-proof
  • Durable for use in all terrains
  • Stunning optics
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Generous 17.1mm eye relief
  • XPL coating to protect the lenses


  • Heavy
  • Faulty center focus knob

6. Nikon Prostaff 7s Binocular

The Nikon Prostaff 7s binoculars are a good fit for those who are looking for something rugged and waterproof. These would work well in all-weather environments and terrain. They’re a little pricey and heavy, but they are very user-friendly.


Nikon is a name that almost everybody has heard of. They make cameras, printers, and more. Many people don’t realize that they produce high-quality binoculars as well. These particular binoculars are higher in the price range but are packed full of features that make them well worth it.

One feature that the Nikon Prostaff binoculars have is the advanced optical system. They have fully multilayer-coated lenses as well as phase correction coated roof prisms. This helps provide high-resolution images as well as unbelievable color reproduction. The multi-layer coatings will allow more visible light through, allowing you to see your target clearly.

Even if you wear glasses, you will be able to see your target without disrupting the field of view. This is due to the generous 15.5mm eye relief. The turn-and-slide rubber eyecups allow you to adjust the eye-relief for a custom fit just for you. In addition to this, there is a 10x magnification that gives you a field of view of 324-feet @ 1000-yards with a 4.2mm exit pupil and 56.9-degree angular field of view. The placement of the central focus knob allows you to quickly zoom in or out on your target.

As far as durability goes, these can handle some pretty extreme use. They have an ergonomic body with a rubber armor coating to withstand any rugged terrain. The rubber coating offers a non-slip grip for use in wet weather, and they are comfortable to hold. These are also nitrogen-filled and sealed with an O-ring to make them both waterproof and fog-proof. You can use these in all weather conditions without fail.

Lastly, these come with a nice warranty and some extras, including a neck strap, case, and lens cap. You may not be able to use the neck strap for extended periods since the binoculars weigh roughly 1.43-pounds. There is no indication of a tripod mount, either.


  • 15.5mm eye relief
  • Easy-to-use center focus knob
  • Waterproof & fog-proof
  • Warranty included
  • Coated roof prisms for clear views
  • Non-slip grip
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to focus

7. Upland Optics Perception HD 10×42 Binoculars

These are a great purchase if you want something at an expert level. They offer a variety of features that would come in handy in all-terrain and safari expeditions. They are pricey, but they are rugged, waterproof, and lighter than most of the others.


Last on the list are the Upland Optics Perception HD 10×42 Binoculars. These are for serious wildlife enthusiasts. It’s essential to have a quality item while you’re out viewing whatever animal comes into your sight while you’re on a safari or tracking wildlife.

These binoculars are made with ED glass. They offer exceptional clarity by minimizing chromatic aberration. It helps you see wildlife with extraordinary color and with brighter images and absolutely no distortion. There are also dielectric coatings on the roof prisms that have an outstanding level of reflectivity. Additionally, you can enjoy better resolution images thanks to the phase correction coatings—these work to eliminate the phase shift issue that roof prisms seem to have.

With the Upland Optics Perception HD Binoculars, you can get a phenomenal view of wildlife creatures with the 10x optical zoom and 42mm objective lens. You will get a 113-meter @ 1000-yards field of view. You will also find that there is a 17.2mm eye relief. This is enough to accommodate those who wear glasses and for a majority of face shapes. The twist-up eyecups are simple to use, and your field of view will not be compromised. If you are having trouble seeing, you can calibrate your binoculars with the diopter. This will fix any kind of difference in your eyes for better viewing.

The ruggedness of these binoculars will do just fine on any safari adventure you may go on. There is a rubber coating that allows you to grip your binoculars comfortably, even in wet weather. There are convenient dimples on each side of the barrel that allows for a more comfortable grip. The beautiful thing about the rubber coating is that there is less light reflection than if it were made from smooth metal. These are also completely waterproof and fog-proof thanks to the nitrogen purging. You can use these in all weather conditions without them fogging up or being ruined by the water.

These aren’t as heavy as most of the other models on the list, so they may be more comfortable to hold for extended use. They only weigh 1.44-pounds, and you can use the included neck strap to keep them stationary while not in use, or you can take advantage of the tripod mount.


  • Lighter than other models
  • Generous eye relief
  • ED glass for optimal clarity
  • Waterproof & fog-proof for use in all weather
  • Rugged for use in all terrains
  • Comfortable to use
  • Can be used with a tripod


  • Difficult to focus
  • Blurry

Bottom Line

There are quite a few items on the list that could qualify as the best binoculars for safari, but one of them stands out from the rest. These would have to be the Celestron 71336 Nature DX 12×56 Binocular.

They are reasonably priced, have outstanding reviews, are both waterproof and fog-proof, and they offer a lifetime limited warranty. Not many products offer what the Celestron Nature DX binoculars offer. This is why they would be the best option for your next safari adventure.

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