11 Best Binoculars under 100 Dollar in 2020

Compact binoculars are the need of the hour for every hunter or anyone who enjoys a safari or a bird watching trip. Having a great pair of binoculars means having good stealth. Maintaining a good distance from your prey, but having your eyes up close for a clear target is something every hunter looks for.

While there are innumerable binoculars out in the market, we have come up with the best binoculars under 100 dollars.

Top 03 Best Binoculars Under $100 – Editors Choice

Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15×70 Binoculars

  • 15x zoom with Porro prism optics
  • Multi-coated lenses for sharp view
  • 70mm objective lens for image brightening
USCAMEL Compact HD Binoculars

  • Coated with FMC green film
  • Large BAK-4 prism
  • HD zoom optical lens
Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars

  • Porro prism with an autofocus system
  • InstaFocus lever for fine-tuning the magnification
  • Coated lenses for sharper view

11 Best Compact Binoculars Under 100 Dollar – In Depth Reviews

1. Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15×70 Binoculars

We cannot talk about budget binoculars without mentioning the elephant in the room, the Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15×70 binoculars. This pair of binoculars offer the highest range of magnification on the list. Boasting an incredible 15x zoom, this one really goes all out.


While it leans more towards the category of stargazing, it can also prove to be a pair of good hunting binoculars on a budget, especially when you are out hunting for varmints. Other than the powerful optical zoom, it comes with multi-coated lenses for a super sharp view.

In addition to this, a 70mm objective lens and a large aperture go together perfectly. While the former provides a great view in long-ranged conditions, the latter aids with a higher light intake for a clearer view in low light conditions.

Another special feature that the SkyMaster 15×70 possesses is diopter adjustment. With this, you can control the level of clarity and focus in each of the eyepieces. The pair of binoculars comes with a rubber covering to ensure a safe and firm grip.

It also packs folding eyecups and an eye relief range of 18-millimeters. So your eye gar does not have to come off every time you look through the lens. And to top all of this, the SkyMaster is water-resistant.


  • Comes with 15x magnification
  • 70mm objective lens for a clear view in long-ranged conditions
  • Large aperture for brightness adjustment and clearer view in low-light conditions
  • Diopter adjustment for controlled focus and clarity on each eyepiece
  • 18-millimeter eye relief and folding eyecups
  • Water-resistant


  • Cannot be used without a tripod for longer time
  • Collimation issues may occur if diopter not adjusted correctly

2. USCAMEL Compact HD Binoculars

With almost similar specifications to the Gosky 10×42 Roof Prism binoculars, one of the top contenders in the list of best compact binoculars under 100 dollars is the USCAMEL Compact HD binoculars.


Even though they pack a lot of similarities, the latter is making its way ahead with some extra features under its belt. A powerful 10x zoom here is ideal on a deer hunting trip, but can also be used for other outdoor adventures like hiking.

Furthermore, they are also the right equipment for indoor settings like concerts and sports events.They come with large 42-millimeter FMC green film-coated lenses.Unlike any other binoculars in the list, these one offer eyepieces that too are FMC green film-coated.And the sizeable BAK-4 prism makes the view as clear as it could get.This pair of binoculars also provide a considerably clear view in low light conditions.

They house a magnesium alloy frame that makes them lightweight and one of the most durable binoculars in the market. Along with this, they come with rubber coating and textured contours on the sides for an amazing grip. The eyecups are adjustable and provide a great advantage to those who wear eyeglasses.

It also has a diopter adjustment on the right eyecup for better focus adjustment. The bonus here is the army green color on the body.


  • 10x high power magnification
  • FMC green film-coated lenses and eyepieces for a clearer view
  • Large BAK-4 prism system for enhanced vision
  • Magnesium alloy frame makes it lightweight and highly durable
  • Filled with nitrogen gas to make them waterproof and fog-proof
  • Sharp view even in low light conditions
  • Adjustable eye relief and right eye diopter adjustment
  • Textured rubber coating for superior grip


  • Tripod mount not available

3. Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars

Bushnell has been one of the leading names in the optics industry, as they provide a wide range of amazing products. The Falcon 133410 is one of the best cheap hunting binoculars in the industry. While it could be used for all kinds of hunting, it is mostly preferred for bird watching or bird hunting.


This rugged-looking pair of binoculars comes with a unique InstaFocus lever, seated at the center, which allows you to fine-tune your magnification. Equipped with 7x optical zoom, it will enable you to view any object a thousand feet away very easily, providing a crisp and clear image. Another amazing feature this pair provides is the auto-focusing Porro prism system, which lets you view at a certain distance without having to adjust the focus.

The design packs a compact, yet rugged look. The rubber grips on the sides provide a comfortable grip. Unlike many other pairs of binoculars, the Falcon 133410 comes with fold-down eyecups that allows you to use them while wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses, without the fear of any scratches.

It also boasts a 12-millimeter range eye relief. With this pair of binoculars, you don’t have to worry about removing your eye gear, to get a comfortable view, anymore.


  • InstaFocus lever for fine-tuned magnification
  • Autofocus with Porro prism system
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Fold-down eyecups for comfortable viewing while wearing eye gear
  • Trusted name in the optics industry


  • Lower optical zoom range than some of the other competitor in a similar price range
  • May not be suitable for long-range hunting targets
  • Plastic mechanism parts may create problems with the accuracy

4. Bushnell Powerview Compact Binoculars

Big surprises come in small packages. And the Bushnell Powerview Compact binoculars prove this true. Bushnell, being one of the leading names in optics, has tried to save a spot with this model in the low cost binoculars segment.


This pair of binoculars offers 8x optical zoom, which certainly limits the vision in a hunting game, but can definitely be used for bird watching.

It houses a roof prism system which goes perfectly with the compact size. This allows them to be more portable than any other regular-sized binoculars. The multi-coated optics ensure a clear and sharp view, aided by superior light transmission and brightness.

This small monster comes with a rubber-coated body, which makes it immune to shocks. They also come with an attached neck strap, which keeps them safer. The coating also provides a good grip anywhere on the body. Along with this, it offers down-fold eyecups with a 10-millimeter range of eye relief.

Another significant feature of the Powerview Compact is that it is water and fog-resistant. You can not only take it out on a rainy day but can also be free of worry about the fogged lenses that follow after. These pocket-sized binoculars come with a centered focus know for easy focus adjustment. And because of the compactness, they do not require a tripod in case of longer use.


  • Compact design and easy to carry
  • Rubber coated for shock absorption
  • Fold-down eyecups for better usability while wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses
  • Attached neck strap


  • Not suitable for kids as they house smaller parts, and can be a choking hazard
  • Cheaper build quality make the overall product quality poor
  • Cannot be used in long-ranged conditions

5. SkyGenius 10×50 Binoculars

The next in the line of toppers is the SkyGenius 10×50 binoculars. The name may suggest a relation of their purpose to stargazing, but they can absolutely do more than that. This pair of binoculars is a star when it comes to multi-tasking.


It can be used in all kinds of hunting trips, bird watching, terrestrial watching, and even indoor settings such as concerts and sports events.

Offering a powerful 10x optical zoom, this one provides an advantage in both short-ranged and long-ranged conditions. A unique, corrective optical coating helps in providing excellent results in terms of contrast and resolution. Along with this, the aspherical lenses with multi-layer coating help in reducing the chromatic aberration and provide a sharper view. This proves to be highly useful in low light settings.

The SkyGenius 10×50 offers a sturdy, rock-solid body. Coated with a rubber armour entirely, it can be used actively in outdoor settings without having to worry about the wear and tear. The rubber coating also provides an amazing grip too. They also come with an additional neck strap that can be used for enhanced safety.

A great feature about this pair of binoculars is that it offers adjustable eyecups, which can be used to adjust both the diopter for sharper focus and eye relief for comfortable viewing.


  • Corrective optical coating for better contrast and resolution
  • Reduced chromatic aberration for sharp images with bright colors
  • Aspherical lenses with multi-layer coating for better light transmission
  • Rubber armor coated for shock absorption and better grip
  • Adjustable eye cups for adjusting eye relief and dioptre


  • Not water or fog-resistant
  • Lens caps are not attached to the body
  • May need to be mounted on a tripod for longer use

6. Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars

The binoculars that can potentially give all the others a run for their money is the Occer 12×25 Compact binoculars. These little beasts are the ones that fit the needs of everyone.


Any kind of hunting, be it in a short-ranged setting or a long-ranged one, can only be better with this pair of binoculars.

Not only hunting, but also other indoors and outdoors settings such as concerts, sports events, stargazing, and bird watching can turn into an experience with the Occer 12×25. It makes its way up the list with a rocking 12x optical zoom. This is a range that is neither too short nor too long.

And with the excellent FMC broadband green film coating, it offers you a view that is sharp, colorful, and free of distortion. In addition to this, the optics at the eyepieces are also blue FMC coated.

A solid feature of the Occer 12×15 is that it is made of ABS plastic. And on top of that, it is coated with non-slip rubber armour. With this amount of ruggedness, this might easily be one of the most durable binoculars in the market. It also offers a two-way focus adjustment and eyecup adjustment.

The eyecups can be easily lifted to increase the eye relief. Though it is one of the bests under 100 dollars, it won’t be wrong at all to put them in the list of one of the best binoculars under 50 dollars.


  • Coated with FMC multi-layer broadband green film
  • Offers real color reproduction and reduced distortion
  • Powerful 12x optical zoom in a compact body
  • Two-way focus adjustment system
  • Life waterproof


  • Two-way focus adjustment can be a little cumbersome to operate for some people

7. Nikon 8242 ACULON A211 10×50 Binoculars

Nikon has been a great name in the optics game. While they make cameras of exceptional quality, they are not far behind in the binoculars industry. Nikon ACULON A211 is undoubtedly a familiar equipment among the hunters, if not popular.


The binoculars have a very attractive design, but they do lack some of the features that other binoculars under $100 lead with.

The ACULON A211 comes with a 10x magnification range, which is good enough, but there are other binoculars that offer a higher magnification range at a much lower price and a good quality. The 10x zoom that Nikon offers is ideal for a long-ranged hunting expedition, and even for bird watching.

They pack multi-coated lenses with Nikon’s in-house Eco-glasses, which are lighter in weight and are lead and arsenic-free. These lenses provide a clear, sharp view in a well-lit setting, but in a low light condition, the results may not be up to the mark. The adjustable turn-and-slide eyecups are features that everyone would love to have. You can easily adjust them at your convenience for a better view. The design is such that it is comfortable to handle, and the added rubber armor allows a solid non-slip grip.

The large knob at the centerenables adjusting the focus smoothly. But apart from these features, and the brand name, the ACULON A211 seems to be a little overpriced when compared to the other products that offer a wide range of benefits at a much lower cost.


  • Multi-coated eco-glass provides a precise view
  • Turn and slide rubber eyecups for comfortable viewing
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Rubber coating provides a solid grip


  • Not water or fog-resistant
  • Overpriced compared to other binoculars in the list

8. Wingspan Optics FieldView 8×32 Compact Binoculars

Like every other 8x zoom binoculars, the FieldView 8×32 compact binoculars by Wingspan Optics limits itself to a short-ranged setting and can be most useful for bird watching. This may not prove to be a go-to equipment for hunting.


But don’t let that have you turn away from this little beauty. Apart from the short-ranged optical zoom, it packs some outstanding features that would make you want to do some bird watching.

The FieldView 8×32 comes with an 8x optical zoom that is just perfect in a short-ranged setting. It allows a close-up view of nature and the bird, very clearly. It offers a 32-millimeter lens diameter. For such compact binoculars, that is a considerably wide view, going up to 362 feet out on a 1000 yards range. It also boasts a BAK-4 prism system, which provides crystal clear images.

The eye relief is also something to take a note of. Offering a 14.8-millimeter eye relief, it gives a fierce competition to some of the major names in this list. With that, the large eyepieces provide a comfortable viewing experience. It comes with a non-slip grip, which makes it easier to hold.

It is also one of the lightest compact binoculars with a weight of just 15.2 Ounces. In addition to this, it is also water and fog proof. With some amazing features, the FieldView 8×32 could easily be one of the best compact binoculars under 100 dollars.


  • Extremely compact
  • Powerful 8x zoom
  • 14.8-millimeter eye relief
  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • Comes with neck strap, carrying case, eyepiece and lens protectors, and microfiber lens cleaning cloth
  • Attachable lens covers
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Can only be used accurately for bird watching
  • Uncoated lenses

9. Gosky 10×42 Roof Prism Binoculars

The underdog among all the other binoculars has to be the Gosky 10×42 Roof Prism binoculars. These are probably the best compact binoculars so far. Housing a powerful 10x optical zoom, they can be a good companion on a deer hunting trip.


Packed with some of the most unique features, they can easily be one of the best compact binoculars in the market.

With 42-millimeter lenses and 18-millimeter large eyepieces, you do not need to keep them stuck to your eyes anymore. What’s more, is that the eye relief on them can be adjusted with the twist-down eyecups. This ensures comfortable viewing for those who need their glasses on.

It offers FMC multi-coated green film lenses that provide a crystal clear view without any distortion. The dielectric coated and phase-corrected roof prism ensures maximum reflectance and allows a crisp view even in an all-out zoom.For focusing, it has a large knob at the center, which can be easily operated with just a finger.

And it also has a focus ring on the right eyepiece for sharper adjustments.A feature that we haven’t seen in any other product is the cell phone adapter. Now you don’t need to carry a DSLR camera every time you need to take great pictures.


  • 42-millimeter lenses and large 18-millimeter eyepieces
  • MultiGuard FMC coated lenses for optimal light transmission
  • Dielectric coated phase-corrected prism for higher reflectance
  • Rainproof and fog-proof body
  • Sleek and robust design
  • Rubber coated body for better grip and durability
  • Can be used for cell phone photography by using the new cell phone adapter
  • Offers a lifetime warranty


  • Cell phone adapter cannot be used efficiently unless binoculars are mounted on a tripod

10. Olympus Trooper 10×50 DPS I Binoculars

The Trooper 10×50 DPS I from Olympus is a game-changer when it comes to binoculars. While being compact, it offers a BAK-7 prism system and a crazy 10x optical zoom, which is perfect for deer hunting. The large knob at the center allows the focus to be adjusted with ease very quickly, even if you are operating it single-handed.


In addition to this, it comes equipped with aspherical Porro Prism optics that provide a sharp view without any haze or distortion.This means you will have no problem targeting a deer that is on the move.

The sleek design of the binoculars houses a super-grip rubber coating, which makes it easy to handle and gives quite a rugged feel while holding it. A bonus feature is the wide-angle field of view, which provides a viewing angle of 65 degrees that allows spotting fast-moving objects with high accuracy.

A panoramic view is just what every hunter needs to cover as much area as possible while hunting. And as if these features weren’t enough, you also get anti-reflective lens coating with UV protection. Now you are ready to go hunting even in the brightest sun without a second thought. All these features in one bucket is why the Olympus Trooper 10×50 DPS I binoculars makes it to the list of best binoculars under 100 dollars.


  • Anti-reflective coating for better view in bright areas
  • Centre focus knob allows quick and accurate refocussing
  • Wide-angle view enables spotting moving targets
  • Equipped with aspherical Porro prism optics for a sharper view
  • Super-grip rubber coating for better grip and handling


  • Requires focusing frequently
  • Lens covers are not attached to the body
  • Comes with a soft case which does not provide impact protection

11. Leupold BX-1 Rogue Binoculars

The last one to make the cut in this list of best binoculars under $100 is the Leupold BX-1 Rogue binoculars. It would be safe to say that after the Bushnell Powerview, these are the most compact binoculars available. But it looks more sturdy and robust than the Powerview.


This is the only pair of binoculars that offer two variants in terms of the magnification, which are the 8x zoom variant and the 10x zoom variant.

Though they do not seem to be fit for a hunting trip, they prove to be a useful tool while bird watching, or even hiking. They house multi-coated lenses that provide a clear and sharp view at all levels of zoom. However, there are other binoculars like the USCAMEL Compact HD that provides FMC coated lenses for a much cheaper cost. The BX-1 Rogue comes with the Twilight Light Management system that allows a considerably bright and clear view in low light conditions.

What makes them stand apart from the rest is a combination of sturdiness and compactness in the design. They look extremely robust for such a small body. Coated with rubber armour, they provide a great grip in all conditions.

The body is made of aluminum that makes it lightweight and durable at the same time. Leupold is one the bests when it comes to waterproofing, and so can be observed in the BX-1 as well.


  • Multi-coated lenses for enhanced brightness and clarity
  • The palm-sized compact body makes it extremely portable
  • Inverted Porro prism system for a sharp view
  • Rugged and durable aluminum frame
  • Rubber armor coating provides a great grip


  • Not accurate in long-range conditions
  • Overpriced compared to the other compact binoculars in this segment

Bottom Line:

From a wide range of binoculars, these were the top 11 contenders that made it to the list of best binoculars under 100 dollars. Even though the competition seems to be tight among the 11, the one that absolutely tops all the others is the USCAMEL Compact HD binoculars.

They go all-out in terms of design, features, and usability. A compact, lightweight, and durable aluminum body make it extremely easy to carry around. And with the lens and optics features that totally stand out, these are the only ones that have cons close to none. That being said, we would highly recommend the USCAMEL Compact HD binoculars for your next hunting trip.

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